An ER Adventure

I had an interesting opportunity last month. A silver lining of sorts in a rather terrible experience. I accompanied one of our participants to the emergency room after she lost consciousness at the center. She came to before the ambulance left, but she was very... read more


“I don’t have the time”. How many times have you said that this week? Or even today? Most caregivers I know are spread pretty thin; taking care of a parent or spouse, children, a household, a home, a job. There is never enough time, and the caregiver themselves are... read more

A Little Bit of Kindness

An interesting thing happened at Daybreak yesterday. Let me start with a forgettable moment a few months ago. I was at the center working in the evening when I saw an elderly woman cross our parking lot and come to the door. She was on foot and explained that she had... read more

Our New Website!

Thank you so much for visiting our new website! We are very excited to unveil it. We embarked on this project many months ago when we applied for a grant through the Ausherman Family Foundation. Money for things like a website are not typically things we budget for... read more

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