Thank you so much for visiting our new website! We are very excited to unveil it. We embarked on this project many months ago when we applied for a grant through the Ausherman Family Foundation. Money for things like a website are not typically things we budget for and we are very grateful for the Ausherman ‘s support.

We wanted to create a site that would do three things: Make it easier for our current families to access information that they need, like current activity calendars, menus, event information, and more. We also wanted to create a site that those who don’t know about us could find easily, and once here, would answer most of their questions. And finally, we wanted to create a site that would support our fundraising efforts by making it easy for potential funders to see the good work we do and make it easy for them to donate online.

I believe we have achieved all three goals, and had fun in the process. All of the pictures that you see on the site are real people who come to Daybreak. I hope that you notice the common denominator in that they all look happy! You will find more candid pictures in the newsletters, which can now be found, in color, on the site. These pictures are a great way to showcase the fun that we have here. It is also a nice way for family whose loved one can’t share much about their day to see that they really are having a good time. We will try to add more pictures regularly so keep checking back! And don’t forget to LIKE our new Facebook page, where you’ll find more pictures and center news each week!

The video was great fun to create. It was SO hard to reduce 8 hours of video footage in to a two minute video. Our participants were so excited to be a part of the filming and I am sorry we couldn’t include everyone. I think that those in the video do a wonderful job of representing the sentiments of their friends. I must extend thanks to our family caregivers who took time out of their busy schedules to come in for filming. It was so hard to reduce their interviews to 10 second snippets. We are humbled and honored by their kind words.

Daybreak truly is a special place because of all who are connected to it. And now, with this new website, we can share that with the world!

Thanks for visiting, come back soon, and be sure to pass the link on to a friend!