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How does someone enroll in the program?

The first step is calling/emailing us to arrange a tour and an assessment by our nurse. This allows us to better understand your needs and determine if we are able to serve those needs in our center.

Additional admission requirements will vary depending on the program. For medical day, a medical application completed by your primary care physician a TB test is required. For senior center plus, a TB test is required. We will assist you to accomplish both. Both programs will also require the participant or family member to sign a number of admission agreements.


Do I have to come every day?

No, you may choose the weekly schedule that serves you best; from 2-5 days per week.


Should I come 2 days in a row or spread my schedule out?

That decision is very personal and depends on the participant. Some participants are tired after coming two days in a row and prefer to have a day off in between. Other participants appreciate the consistency of coming multiple days in a row. We can always try a schedule and adjust the days/frequency if needed.


How does billing work?

Our participants are billed monthly at the end of each month based on the schedule of their choosing. You make no long term commitment by trying our program.


Does insurance pay for your program?

Medicare and medical insurance do not pay for adult medical day care. Maryland Medical Assistance will pay in certain situations, as will the VA, and DSS Senior Care. Additionally, many long term care insurance policies will cover the cost. Please speak with the director to discuss your financial situation and explore options for payment and available subsidies.


What do you do when the weather is bad?

Occasionally the center will close due to bad weather. We DO NOT follow the local school system, but rather make our own decision based on many factors. See our Inclement Weather Policy here.


My mom is incontinent. Will that be a problem?

Not a problem at all. Our program assistants very discreetly support a number of our participants who have trouble with incontinence. Prior to enrollment, during the nursing assessment, our nurse will ask about continence so that our staff understands your loved one’s unique needs. From reminders to use the rest room to full assistance, our staff provides the support needed in a discreet and dignified manner. All participants are asked to leave a set of spare clothes at the center in case of a spill or incontinence. Additionally those who do use incontinent products are asked to leave a supply at the center for their personal use.


My Dad was never a joiner. Will he have to participate?

We never force anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with. Some participants love to be in the front row, in the middle of the dance floor, or up in front with the microphone, while others are quite content taking it all in from the sidelines. We respect each person’s comfort zone, while at the same time, encourage them to do what they can and try new things.

There are number of spaces in the center that lend themselves to quiet activities, such as reading, puzzles, cards, knitting, or just resting or napping, so participants do not need to be active in groups all day.


I feel guilty about sending my wife somewhere during the day. I should be able to take care of her myself.

By sending her to our program you are taking good care of her, and of yourself. She will be able to socialize with peers, stay active both physically and mentally, and have a renewed sense of purpose. You may not think you need a break, but experience and feedback from other caregivers says that you will benefit if you try it. Most caregiver’s report they are better rested, more patient, and less stressed when their loved one attends our program. You will also gain a new network of support, adding a nurse and social worker to your team.

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