“I don’t have the time”. How many times have you said that this week? Or even today? Most caregivers I know are spread pretty thin; taking care of a parent or spouse, children, a household, a home, a job. There is never enough time, and the caregiver themselves are usually at the bottom of the priority list. Rarely doing things for just themselves.

I am sure you have heard it before…you need to keep yourself healthy…put the oxygen mask on you before the one you are helping….do you take heed?

Small investments in time to recharge you can pay big dividends. Take the upcoming Caregiver Conference. Two hours out of your very busy day. But think about the rewards: at its simplest, time to take a breath. I have heard Jennifer Fitzpatrick speak before and I assure you will learn something useful. Something that could make your caregiving experiences easier, something that could save you time, or money, or even your sanity. 2 hours of your time.

You also have access to 77 senior care vendors in one space. You can collect brochures or talk to professionals from virtually every senior care agency in the county, all in one place, at one time. Think about the time you will save. You may not need their services now, but you may one day, and you will already know how to reach them.

To save even more time, you will get a boxed dinner. No need to cook or squeeze in time to eat. And the final barrier: professional caregiving services will be available. Your loved one not safe to be home alone while you go out? No problem. Bring your loved on with you. They can enjoy activities, dinner, and music in the company of trained staff, just a few yards away from where you will be.

So really, taking two hours of time to attend will actually save you time in the long run. Call and RSVP today. Mark your calendar, make the time, then actually take it.

See you there.